Key vendors at global mining chemicals market will remain profit-making and competitive in the long run

Oct 28th, 2016

Technavio’s report on global mining chemical market conveys the key global mining chemical players of the recent years that in prospect will keep their leading positions and impact the growth of the world chemical market. The global mining chemical market has much gained from the

The share of the APAC vendors is 54% of the global mining chemical market which is projected to grow further. The main driver for this considerable growth is the rapid development of mining markets supported by the public authorities in the emerging countries. The increase in foreign and domestic investments is another factor of high market rates in this region, especially in such countries as China, Australia and India.

Technavio points out the competitive landscape in the mining chemicals industry saying that key market participants are taking much effort to increase their shares and cooperate with various regional companies. The competitiveness is also intensified by many technological innovations, high-level service offerings and the improvement of products. All these factors are vital for the vendor to remain competitive and therefore increase their shares. The experts mention the fact that mining chemical manufacturers tend to diversify their activities in both specialised and commodity chemical markets.

This year Technavio’s top rating includes such vendors as BASF, AECI, Clariant, Cytec Solvay Group and Chevron Phillips Chemical. According to Technavio’s research, other chemical companies that have come forth at the mining chemical market are DuPont, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, Evonik and others. These companies have extensive sales networks, work over advanced solutions for manufacturing processes, regularly extend the product line and offer premium class services within the global mining chemicals sector.