India: Time to Free the World from Chemical Weapons

Jul 31st, 2017

Condemning a chemical attack of the governmental forces in Syria, India calls for global freedom from chemical weapons. Indian delegation at Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons of India (OPCW) offers two possible and the most efficient ways of disburdening the world from military chemical disaster. First, it is an irreversible destruction of all existing chemical weapons. The final solution is the strict prevention of the emergence of toxic substances for military purpose.

Realisation of the suggested idea is a daunting task for all global governments that may cope with a range of co-occurring troubles including technological difficulties, costliness, and potential adverse impacts on the environment.

The possibility of chemical weapon reemergence is high as new or known chemicals can anytime and anywhere be applied to produce weapons. Availability of raw feedstock and free internet access to the advanced technical findings only exacerbate the situation.

The Indian representatives point out the major factors that enhance the possibility of chemical weapons reoccurrence. Among the challenges, they stress the discovery of new toxic chemicals, dissemination of know-how technologies and strong interest of non-state businesses for this group of chemicals. Thus, the anti-chemical movement should be more than somewhat vigilant to the outlined troubles.

India supports the idea of completing the liquidation of chemical weapons in Syria suggesting the destruction of national production facilities as the most impactful solution under such circumstances. Together with Non-Aligned Movement States Parties India has signed the statement to the Chemical Weapon Convention (CWC).

Combined efforts of the scientific community, chemical producers, the civil society and the State Parties is the only way to do away with the stockpile of chemical weapons worldwide. The Convention proclaims the idea of the peaceful use of chemicals. The CWC is a strong driver for hampering the campaign against chemical weapons across the globe. According to Indian experts, the only way possible to achieve the chemical safety is the cooperation of the State Parties in making decisions, exchanging the ideas and advanced practices to create new regulations in this area.