China Is Stepping Up Production of Fungicides against the Growth of the Bacterial Diseases

Aug 21st, 2017

China has restricted the use of copper-containing fungicides, due to the fact that being produced inorganically, they harm the plants. The market of copper-containing fungicides is the sixth largest market for fungicides in the world with $600 million turnover and more than 100 years of experience.

In recent years, fungicides have been competing with organic substances, which are safer to use, neutral, more compatible with other substances when mixing. To the effect, manufacturers are bound to create highly safe fungicides that can be easily mixed with other substances.
Still, copper-based fungicides are more effective in comparison with organic pesticides. For the present, there is no synthetic organic pesticide the effectiveness of which can be compared with copper-based pesticides. Therefore, the Chinese market for fungicides continues to evolve due to the growing demand for this product. Chinese agricultural producers have to deal with such bacterial diseases of their crops as rice rot, citrus cancer, rot in Chinese cabbage and others. These conditions have a beneficial effect on the development of the national market and also attract foreign suppliers of copper-containing fungicides.

The potential of the Chinese market has long studied by the world’s manufacturers, who are closely watching the positive trends of the local markets, in particular tracking the development of the pesticide market. Thus, with the aim of entering the Chinese market, Quimetal Industrial SA started the partnership with a national company Ningbo Sunjoy CropScience Ltd. Within a five year period, they have created a proprietary blend Zhiduoshou DF. Copper is actively used for the development of new compounds. For example, the companies are now registering a fungicide compound with 77% content of copper hydroxide and 84% content of copper oxychloride.

According to forecasts, the demand for safe, environmentally friendly and highly efficient copper-containing fungicides will increase thus ensuring the development of the national market.