The Chemical Industry of Kazakhstan Will Acquire the Newest Ventures by the End of 2018

Feb 14th, 2017

Kazakhstan plans to increase the production of chlorine-containing products and many other chemical products by launching a new complex on the territory of special economic zone “Chemical Park Taraz”. The new production facilities are scheduled to start in late 2018.

The experts estimate the total cost of the project at about 188 million dollars. The construction is going to be realised by LLP Chem-Plus, which is a joint of two LLPs – Samruk Kazyna invest and United chemical company. At the site of the chemical park, the companies intend to construct several production facilities, in particular, caustic soda production with the capacity of 40 thousand tonnes /y; hydrochloric acid – over 13 thousand tonnes/y, chlorine – over 35 tonnes/y; calcium chloride – 20 thousand tons/y; sodium hypochlorite with capacity of 3 thousand tonnes/y. Moreover, there are going to appear new plants which will produce caustic soda, ammonium sulphate, polyethene, hydrogen peroxide, pesticides and glyphosate.

The construction is in the active stage. The external electric power and gas supply of the manufacturing facilities are almost completed. the access roads construction will be finished in the near future. This will contribute to close cooperation between all industries. The mission of the project is the development of a final product chain for the further sales within the country.

The Chemical Park Taraz was established by presidential edict in 2012. Since then, the special economic zone has been building new high-tech and ecologically safe industrial facilities that produce chemical products with high added value. Under the above-mentioned decree, the free economic zone will operate until 2037.