People’s Republic of China: New Production Sites and Innovative Chemical Solutions

Mar 11th, 2017

In March Zhejiang Wankai New Materials, a member of Zhejiang Zhink Group, China, has launched a new production line in its plant in Zhejiang. From this point on the annual output of the plant will be 550 tonnes of polyethene terephthalate (PETF). The owners intend to reach the planned capacity within as short period of time.

Recently Zhejiang Wankai New Materials has built two processing lines to produce 650,000 tonnes of bottle polyethene terephthalate. However, the company could not organise the production flow. Inadequate equipment caused troubles and the production oftentimes had to be interrupted for repair and maintenance works.

At present, the company is among the national leaders who produce polyethene terephthalate. Its annual output is over 700,000 tonnes of products, the 30% of which is exported to other countries.

Parallel to new PETF units, Chinese engineers have created the world’s first technology of producing ethanol from coal. A new method, which is kept in secret, has been developed by a group of scientists from Chemical Physics Institute together with Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum.

The production line with the capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year has been launched. However, the experts notice that the production will need more supplies of coal which can lead to the dependence of ethanol producers on this raw material. The purity of the Chinese ethanol is extremely high – a bit over 99%. At the present moment, China produces nearly 2, 5 million tonnes of bioethanol which is used as a fuel. Ethanol is also applied in medical, chemical and food industries.