LG Chem Launches the Production of a New Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Brand

Feb 7th, 2017

A Korean petrochemical corporation LG Chem has put into full production a new brand of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) intended for the manufacturing of adhesive composite materials. A unique brand is a part of the growth policy of the company accepted in 2015 which is aimed at the ramping up of the production range of EVA- adhesives.

The brand EA33400 has the highest melt flow index in the entire product range and is high in vinyl acetate monomer (VAM). Using a special autoclaving developed by ExxonMobil, LG Chem produces up to 140,000 tonnes of ethylene vinyl acetate per year at a modernized plant in Daesan. This enables the company to produce top-grade 40 % vinyl acetate copolymers and to top the list of other EVA manufacturers.

The EVA-adhesive which is high in vinyl acetate monomer has excellent attribute characteristics. To begin with, vinyl acetate monomer contributes to adhesion build, wettability index advance (USBM), solidification rate of the adhesive and its high flexibleness. However, VAM makes the adhesive less thermal resistant. High melt flow index of a new EVA adhesive also increases adhesion and USBM and makes it solidify rapidly but at the same time reduces its thermal stability.

Thus, a new brand EA33400 possesses the highest adhesive properties among other EVA adhesive products produced by LG Chem but cannot be used for the manufacturing of heat-resistant adhesives.