Import of ammonia sulphate from China to the USA may fall under customs duties

Oct 31st, 2016

The United States Department of Commerce intends to implement austerity measures directed at regulating imports of ammonium sulphate from China to the USA. The decision to control the import of this chemical product into the USA is grounded on the confirmed data on the dumping of ammonium sulphate imported from China.

Based upon the U.S. Department of Commerce data in 2015 imports of Chinese ammonium sulphate amounted to $62 million. In 2016 PCI, a U.S. fertiliser manufacturer made a complaint against the dumping presence of this chemical supplied from China. To clear up a situation in June, the Department of Commerce opened the investigation on dumping and anti-subsidy actions against importers of Chinese ammonium sulphate. Preliminary results of the investigation were publicized in October and confirmed the granting of subsidies. The inspection discovered that the rate of the dumping margin for Chinese manufacturers is about 500%, and subsidised margin comprises nearly 207%. The investigation findings give the right to the Department to demand from the customs to charge margin requirements on ammonium sulphate imported from China.

As per procedure, the Department of Commerce and Federal Commission are expected to make a final decision on the case in January and March 2017. If they provide evidence that the ammonium sulphate import causes a loss to the national manufacturers, accordingly, posing economic risks, they will impose anti-subsidy and dump duties on the import of Chinese chemicals.

In return, The Ministry of Commerce of China declared that authorities of the United States should maintain a fair international trade and avoid the fractions that appear in legitimate and more diplomatic way.