China: A Wide Gap between Propylene and Ethylene Exports and Imports

Sep 12th, 2017

The imports of propylene and ethylene in China are oppositely directed. The national customs reports that the import of propylene has dropped by 27% while ethylene supply to the country has increased by 45%.

In 2016 ethylene import was far less than in 2017. For today, China has imported nearly 180 thousand tonnes of ethylene, a core material for polyethylene production. The July import of ethylene has increased by 45%.
In contrast to the import volumes, in July Chinese companies delivered no more than 6.3 thousand tonnes of ethylene to the foreign markets. June exports were much less – only 1 tonne.

The June propylene import declined by 26, 1%. The similar situation continued in July. China has reduced propylene import by 190 thousand tonnes, which is by 26, 7% less than the last year volumes.

Together with the export of ethylene, Chinese propylene export has shrunk considerably. Within the estimated period, particularly in July, China has exported only 45 tonnes of propylene. In June there were no official propylene supplies from the People’s Republic of China to the international markets.