Aerospace and Car Industries Fuel Demand for Fluoroelastomers

Dec 19th, 2017

Fluoroelastomers Market is expected to reach over 1.6 billion by 2022 from $1.2 billion in the current year. The fluoroelastomers, the synthetic rubbers with high thermal and chemical resistance, are widely applied in the manufacture of sealants. Such variations as O-rings, gaskets and seals are able to remain elastic under extremely arduous conditions thus making them increasingly applicable in aerospace, food processing, oil and gas, energy and pharmaceutical industries.

Fluorine-containing polymers possess high resistance in varying temperatures and are inert against a variety of chemicals and corroding liquids. The products manufactured of fluorocarbon elastomers, in particular, sealing equipment and high-yield machinery, are low resilient and flexible in different heat conditions. Being resistant to gasoline and motor oils, fluorocarbon seals are highly demanded in car and aero manufacturing and aerospace engineering.

Aerospace industry applies fluoroelastomers for shaft seals, firewall seals, fuel tank bladders, electric connectors, stem seals, tire valves, traps for engine lubricants, etc.

Fluorosilicone in the aero engineering is essential for the manufacture of various fuel control devices. Today there are no ideal equivalents to fluoroelastomers in the aerospace sector; therefore, the rapid development of this industry will drive the fluoroelastomers market significantly. Taking due account of the growing popularity of non-gasoline, electric and other biofuel engines, fluoroelastomers will be in great demand among automobile makers. However, the producers of conventional automobiles will make fluoroelastomers their first choice due to their high insulation characteristics.

Within the coming 5 years, the demand for fluoroelastomers is projected to boost driven by growing popularity of the electric vehicles. Most rapidly, fluoroelastomers market will grow in Asia Pacific, with China on top. The experts say that the Indian fluoroelastomers segment will reach the highest CAGR within the forecast period. The key players in the market of fluoroelastomers are mainly U.S., Japanese, Russian and Belgium companies.